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Hubei JINQUAN appeared on the 2017 China new type city forum Jinmen summit


2017 China new type city forum Jinmen summit opened in Jinmen green ecological technology industrial city international convention center, nearly thousand people including experts and entrepreneurs from national ministries, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, European environmental foundation and American academy of human ecology to gather together and discuss the new pattern of Jinmen development. 


The summit theme was “the green development—ecological live and industrial transformation, and set “one main and three branch” forum sites. Hubei JINQUAN General Manager Dr. LvZhengzhong was invited as the speech guest of the summit, he made the topic speech of “new energy vehicle industrial and green smart transportation” in 20th afternoon and discussed the future development of the industrial chain with participated guests. 


Dr. Lv started from the reports of the 19th National Congress which president Xi stressed on the ecological culture construction, explained that developing clean energy vehicle is the inevitable choice in the new era and new situation; with the sound cooperation between the guidance of national policies in industrial development and the support of Jinmen government in related industrials, new energy industrial will meet the development opportunity; Huibei JINQUAN would thoroughly make use of the industrial concentration and leading advantage, promote the mutual development of industrial chain, make effort to construct the program into industrial model and a brand of Jinmen industrial development, assist the realization of Jinmen new energy vehicle industrydream. 

Vice Secretory of Jinmen New-Tech District and Deputy Director of Management Committee, Director of DuodaoDistrict Zhou Junjie highly praised the presentation of Dr. Lv, he recognized the leading and modeling effect of Huibei JINQUAN presented in construct local industrial chain. Zhou said, Jinmen new-tech district will support the development of Hubei JINQUAN, and make joint effort for the Jinmen new energy vehicle dream.