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Another Visit of JINQUAN—Hubei Province Governor Zhou XianwangVisit Hubei JINQUAN


Hubei Province Vice-Governor Zhou Xianwang arrived in Hubei JINQUAN on 8thDecember, Jinmen Municipal Committee SecretoryZhang Aiguo, Jinmen High-Tech Working Committee Secretory and DuodaoDistrict Committee Secretory Wu Yingbiao attended. Hubei JINQUAN General Manager Dr. LvZhengzhong and Deputy General Manager Liang Rongbinhosted the visit.

Zhou listened to Dr. Lv’sintroduction of the business operation circumstance, safety management and next three to five-yearconstruction project. 


Accompanied by Liang Rongbin, Zhou visited the Column ternary batteries workshop, after viewed the highlyinformationized and roboticized produce processZhou said with delight, “this is the world advanced battery produce enterprise!”

Later, Zhou and the delegation visited battery cell PACK bunching workshop, particularly realized the whole process from single battery cell to integrated system.

Zhou inspected Hubei JINQUAN first district in April, 2017 on the Hubei Province Program Investment and Investment Promotion Conference. Eight monthslater, after inspected JINQUAN once again and viewed the new second district factory and programs under construction, he highly praised the development speed of the enterprise. He encouraged JINGQUAN with keeping the safety management work, to keep good developing momentum, give full play to the existingindustrial advantages, further extend market occupancy and make great efforts to become the leadingenterprise of the industry. 

Dr. Lv expressed his gratitude for Zhou’s encouragement, said that Hubei JINQUAN will further implement the standards of safety production under the support of all levels of government, at the same time, JINQUAN would increase the technical research and development input, promote the innovative development and ensure the longterm, stable and sustainable development of the enterprise.