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The Investigation of New Secretary of JinmenMunicipal Party Committee, Hubei JINMEN Won Recognition


On the morning of 29thDecember, the new Secretary of Jinmen Municipal Party CommitteeZhang Aiguoinvestigated Hubei JINQUAN, Member Of The Standing Committeeand The Secretary-General Liao Mingguo, Secretory of Jinmen New-Tech District Working Committee and The Secretory of DuodaoDistrict Wu Yingbiao, Vice Secretory of Jinmen New-Tech District and Deputy Director of Management Committee, Director of DuodaoDistrict Zhou Junjie accompanied, the General Manager of the company Dr. LvZhongzheng and deputy General Manager Liang Rongbin warmly received the delegation. 


Zhang visited the exhibition hall with great interest, listened the develop history of the enterprise, and the introduction of production application field, specially realized the construction plan and strategy development director.  


Later, he visited the power battery automatic producing department, Zhang gave highly recognition to the clear environmentandintelligent produce level, he said, “the company has developed quite rapidly, it is a challenge to build such a scale in such a short time, indicates your strength and determination in the energy industry!”


Dr. Lv expressed gratitude to Zhang’s encourage, and Hubei JINQUAN will maintain benign developing trend under the support of party committee and the municipal government, and make contributions to the local economy.